Walking throu Lent 2022

Walking through Lent 2022

Pilgrimage is a journey to a sacred site for redemption, enlightenment, or personal discovery.
Take a gentle journey this Lent and explore the sights and encounter new knowledge along the way.

Journeys are part of everyone’s story. We have actual journeys, going from one place to another, like a holiday or moving house. We have learning journeys where we start unable to do the skill or understand the knowledge and end when we achieve competency or understanding.

People of faith will often describe their spiritual journey from unbelievers to believers. Sometimes people have a personal journey associated with a physical or mental health issue that changes their lives. Journeys are numerous and varied, and unique.

This Lent, we are going to walk through the 40 days. A slow journey so we can appreciate the world around us, connect with our communities and have time to reflect.

Walk our Labyrinth on the forecourt at St Barbabas

Walking throu Lent 2022

Reflect, pray, listen

What is involved?

Recordings of daily readings.
This year it is a selection of Psalms.

Parishioner journey stories.
They are available each day with that day's Psalm.

The Study guide for Walking through Lent.
(Additional material for leaders will be provided).

download studyguide pdf

Join a study group or start one up.

OR find a pilgrim partner to share the journey

OR take the journey your own

Sharing food on the way

Get ready to begin

Your journey starts Shrove Tuesday, 1 March 2022

Shrove Tuesday is a classic preparation day for fasting during Lent. Use up the eggs and fats and get ready for a simple diet. Most of us associate pancakes with that day, but I'm not sure how many of us see it as a time of removing treats and rich foods from our fridges and pantries. But if you were going away for 40 days, you might make sure that there are no perishables left behind - food like eggs, milk, cold meats, cheese, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Pilgrimages usually take some time to complete, so think of Shrove Tuesday as the day you make sure your house is in order for when you return.

Make pancakes to use the perishable foodstuffs

Bookmark recorded daily readings and stories on this site

Decide if you are joining a Lenten Study Group Or

if you are going to work through the study on your own or with a pilgrim partner.

Commit to attending an Ash Wednesday service, either at
9.00 am at St Swithuns, Lesmurdie or
7.00 pm at St Barnabas, Kalamunda.

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